Video: EWTN “Bookmark” Interview – The Interior Liturgy of the Our Father

This interview was by Doug Keck of EWTN’s Bookmark program, concerning my book The Interior Liturgy of the Our Father.  The video itself gives a brief description of the book; more is written on it below.  But briefly, the Our Father is more than a prayer – it is the prayer, and it is the guide to all prayer and to the journey of prayer.  It is a prayer deserving more than mere recitation; it calls for, it deserves, a lifetime of devout meditation.

The book is available from Amazon:

The Interior Liturgy of the Our Father in digital for the Kindle; and in paperback at Amazon site.

And from Barnes and Noble:

The Interior Liturgy of the Our Father in digital for the Nook.

The Our Father and Renewal

Renewal in the Church begins with renewal in persons. Renewal in persons begins in an encounter with Christ; renewal is founded upon interior communion with Him. We must meet Him! We must come to know Him, and then grow to love Him, and then long to remain in Him that we might live His life.

If someone offered you a map, showing you the safest, most direct route to the very place you most wanted to go – would you be interested? The prayer the Our Father is that map, and much more.

The Our Father is probably the most poorly prayed of prayers, while in truth it is the most profound and beautiful of prayers. The Our Father is complete; it is the perfect prayer. It is from God, who would gather and guide us into loving prayer-communion with Himself.

We are too familiar with this prayer! We have prayed it too often, for too many years, with far too little attention or real personal investment. But the Our Father quietly invites us into a full, deep and most intimate encounter with God the Holy Trinity. The Our Father glows; it is luminous with the humble unction of Christ Himself. He gave us this treasure! When teaching His Church to pray, He said, “Pray then like this, ‘Our Father, who art in heaven….'”

Have we overlooked this gift of great value because it has been too close, too common? Far more than a prayer among prayers, the Our Father is the norm and standard for our whole life of prayer. The norm is not to judge us, but rather, to guide us. The Our Father is the guide, brief though it is, to the entire spiritual journey of our return to God.

This is not a prayer for the self-centered, or the individualistic! The Our Father gathers us personally into the communion of prayer, the highest of prayers, the Holy Liturgy of the Mass. This prayer, rightly prayed, aligns our personal interior life with the worship and prayer and the life of the Church.

The Our Father echoes the saving work of Christ – His holy liturgy – and condenses it into a prayer. In the depths of the soul, the Word does His work:
The Interior Liturgy of the Our Father.


  1. Dear Thomas,

    Thanks for posting this video. How well I remember sitting in the studio at EWTN when it was taped! How grateful I am for the graces God gave you in writing this book, and the graces He continues to give you, and to all who read this book to “live” the Our Father.

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