Posted by: Thomas Richard | August 16, 2019

What Are We To Do?

It has been two months since I last wrote anything for this blog. I have not been able to write! I have begun more posts than I can remember, writing and deleting, writing and rejecting, writing and then walking away with tongue and hands frozen – paralyzed – wordless.

I see the country locked in two camps, paralyzed in opposition one to the other – how can a democracy work, when no compromise is possible? We have in our country now no common vision of the common good; we have no common vision of common political or moral or even fundamental human good! We are divided so deeply, the chasm between us is so deep and wide, we must ask ourselves: how can America – how can our constitutional democratic republic even work, anymore?

The presidential election of 2016 shocked almost everyone, with the defeat of progressivism even though a majority of voters favored the progressive candidate. I became convinced that God had saved us from the social, political, economic and moral sickness that has gained power in much of the world. I wrote of this in my last post, “Will God Give Us a Third Chance?” My hope was that the Church would be awakened by the nearness of the loss that had come upon us. I hoped that the Church would realize how far we have fallen as a nation – that the Church would realize she has been sleeping at the watch, she has not been feeding the sheep, she has not catechized the faithful, she has not guarded the walls of the holy city but rather in her careless self-absorption many enemies have crept in, wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the holy Faith has been diluted, “dumbed-down,” confused, contaminated and for many, lost.

I had hoped that the Church would repent! Seeing the obvious, realizing the danger, hearing the cries of the little ones – the unfed hungry children of the Lord – surely the Church would wake up, repent and resolve to stand up and be Christ in this dark and darkening moment of human history.

The Church, in large part, has not awakened. She, to a large extent, has not repented. Many clergy and laity have learned, it seems, nothing. Corruption among bishops and priests – pastors of the children of God! – continues to be exposed, example after example, as more darkness and evil continue to be revealed. Meanwhile many among the laity continue to be manipulated and abused, malnourished and neglected, and pandered with baby-food teachings and canned programs of structural reform and shallow renewal. Many of the pastors seem to be hoping to wait it out, hoping it will pass, it will all stop or go away, so that all can return to “normal.” But this is not normal! The “usual” today is profoundly abnormal, and it must end.

The answer for the country is found in the origin and mission of the Church. The Church was sent to be the light of the world. The darkness of the world, now pervading the country, has a solution: light – the light of Truth – the light of authentic virtue – the light that Christ brought, and that He entrusted to His Church. The solution to the problems of this nation rest in the storerooms and archives and memory of the Church; and so the solution to the problems of the Church are the same: that same light, that same Truth, if she will awaken, repent, and return to Him.

But if she will not do this, if she still will not turn from her wide-spread courtship with the secular godlessness of the world, to return to Him, then the children must do so on their own. Catholics have the sacraments, and even if they are not worthily celebrated they can still be worthily and fruitfully received! His grace is still powerful and true. Catholics have the Catechism; they can learn the precious teachings of His Holy Church! They may or may not have substantive adult formation offered at their parish, but they have or can obtain a copy of the Catechism; they can learn. They can be formed alone or in small groups with the promised guidance of the Holy Spirit, using this very solid and substantive Catechism of the Catholic Church. And they have the Scriptures, the Holy Bible, the written Word of God. They can read, they can listen, they can learn from God, they can grow. And in a growing life of prayer they can advance in the interior life, the life of prayer and of grace, and as living witnesses His light can shine in the darkening secular culture of these days.

We all will stand before Jesus in judgment; we all will give an account of our lives – and that day, for every one of us, only grows closer. Holding fast to the precious faith given to us, and growing in the faith as He gives us grace and opportunity, let us live out the mission He sets before us! On that Day, let us stand prepared, and faithful. Let us hold fast to the hope of hearing from Him, at the end, words of embrace:

“Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a little, I will set you over much; enter into the joy of your master.” (Mt 23: 21, 23)


  1. Dear Thomas,

    Thanks, for reminding us of all God has done and what we have yet to do, for we cannot remain idle waiting for His return. Yesterday’s Feast of Mary’s Assumption gave a glorious invitation to become what God intends: “Perfect as our Heavenly Father is Perfect” – In Mary He has given us, the Mother and Model for the Church.

    We were not born sinless, but cleansed in Baptism God calls us to holiness. You’ve listed for us, the means we’ve been given to live and to share the Light of Christ’s Life from within. By God’s Grace, may we do the Truth, serving One Master, as Mary shows us. Her Faithful “Yes” can be ours, to bring Jesus to our country and the world in such desperate need of Him.

  2. It seems to me that our sheep today are finding it easier to let others lead the way instead of listening to the Good Shepherd and following His path, His voice. God have mercy on us.

  3. Praying the Novena for America and the Church.

  4. Few of our parishioners started a Patriotic Holy Rosary every Sunday at 3:00 pm to ask once again for a Divine Intervention for the Presidential Election next year. It worked during the last election in 2016 and hopefully our dear Lord once again will listen to our pleads for the Blood of Jesus over each and every state and commonwealth and every soul in these places.

  5. Thank you Thomas for your deep reflection and your shared sense of frustration with our government. This coming election is of concern to me because my age group (the baby boomers) no longer really has an influence with the younger generations becoming voters and I am scared. I pray each and every day for them to be touched by our Lord and to see the necessary changes for salvation. I am inspired by your blogs greatly and thankful for your insight.

  6. This is a well-written blog that I hope will be read by many, as we need so many to pray for our Church & country.
    We must have faith in hopes that our Church will remain strong. By leaving it
    We are giving the devil his reward.
    History tells us that he has threatened
    And tried to destroy our Church, almost
    from its beginnings, but we have
    survived. But, we must remain strong,
    through prayer. Praying for our younger generation is crucial. So many of them
    neither know God or believe. We must pray for our nation, clergy & ALL church


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