Posted by: Thomas Richard | January 13, 2021

Is the Vaccine Moral?

The following interview on Lifesight News sheds light on the question that I doubt has been considered in the Church, thus far.  I doubt that the Church, in her present moral discernment on this question, was given the science and the facts involved. The interview is hard to listen to – in places technical beyond the scope of most – but the moral question, I think we can all respond to.

I think we all need to hear this, and seriously consider it.  May the Lord give us light, and the courage to remain in the light!

Link, to the 1 hour Interview:

The Catholic biologist and vaccine researcher’s book is available at the Kolbe Center (link in the title:)

 Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective, Biologist Pamela Acker.

The unspeakable, inhuman horror of abortion has deeply penetrated the fabric of modern American culture.  God sees it all.  We the Church will have to answer for this, first.  The author’s summary, at the end of the interview, included simply don’t take it!  It is not good for your soul, and it is not good for your body.

The USCCB has two papers on the issue, that ought to be heard as well:



Answers to Key Ethical Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines

We really need to pray about the decisions we come to.  At this point, personally, I am back in the “undecided” camp.


  1. Dear Thomas,

    Thanks for sharing this Interview. I’m not “scientifically oriented”, but I was able to understand even more the horror of abortion in this interview, and I was very grateful to hear the common sense of the Catholic Scientist who spoke from her own knowledge, not only of science, but of God’s Wisdom given to us all in Baptism.

    I hope many will use the link and listen to the Interview. May God continue to give us an increase in the supernatural gifts of Our Baptism, Supernatural Faith, Hope, and Charity, and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  2. My soul aches for these precious babies. How cruel and heartless is man. Thanks for posting this Thomas. I hope many will read/listen to the interview.

  3. The medical and scientific evidence ,alone,
    Is enough to convince me. Well did the great prophet St. Pope Jean Paul II warn of the culture of death. Patrick Roddy

  4. This is horrific and diabolic. Thank you for sharing and informing us Thomas. I have shared this with many people in the US and abroad. We need to get this out to others so they will not be caught in the evil one’s plots. I do believe as you that the Church will be held accountable. I have read the Holy Father has gotten this vaccine. I pray for the Light of the Holy Spirit to make it clear for all who love and adore Christ Jesus. Mary, Mother of the Church intercede for us.

  5. It says those babies were ALIVE at the time the tissue was taken from them. That is even more cruel and immoral. Jesus, guide us please. At this point I will NOT take that vaccine no matter what.

    • The problem is, that statement – those babies were ALIVE at the time the tissue was taken from them – was not stated as from an eye witness, but was rather a conclusion of the biologist, based on her understanding of the biology involved. At about time = 19:30 minutes into the interview, where this was presented, she said that the tissue sample “had to be” living at the time of extraction in order to have a viable sample. She did not claim to have actually seen this – she drew the conclusion that the baby “had to be” alive to be within a 5 minute window of life.

      This puts the horrific scene as her conclusion, her judgment/speculation based on her previous knowledge of things – but is that judgment infallible fact? Or just conjecture. I don’t know. It is too horrible to even think about – yet here we are, having to decide. The judgments of the Church present arguments on the other side, based on concern for the common good here and now – to get the virus under some sort of control, making the vaccine “acceptable” because of the remoteness of the sin, the crime of abortion.

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