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Thomas and Deborah Richard are available to parishes and dioceses for missions, presentations and retreats that could help toward renewal. Inquiry can be made to:

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R. Thomas Richard, Ph.D., has earned degrees in ministry and theology, as well as in physics. He has taught at the college, high school and middle school levels, has served as a Protestant pastor, and in missionary work living among migrant farmworkers. After RTR portrait-website-editedmuch study and prayer he returned to the Catholic Church, earning a graduate degree in Catholic theology and ministry. He has served the Church in lay ministry
•as parish director of religious education,
•as parish director of evangelization and adult catechesis,
•as diocesan director of lay ministry and deacon formation, and as retreat and programs director for a major Catholic retreat center.

He has served the Church, together with his wife, in giving retreats, conferences, presentations and writing. His two books on the spiritual life are described on this site. He is presently presenting adult faith formation opportunities at the parish level.

Deborah Richard has served the Church in many years of teaching, ministry and DebphotoWEBspiritual counsel. She has taught at all levels of education, from elementary school to college, and has wide experience in religious education and formation for children and for adults, at all age levels. She has ministered especially among the poor in the inner
city and among migrant farm laborers. She has worked in lay and deacon formation at the diocesan level. She has conducted retreats, presentations and days of recollection for lay men and women, couples, deacons, deacon candidates and deacon wives. She is presently working with Thomas in adult faith formation and RCIA at the parish level.


Here are some of the places at which Thomas and Deborah Richard have given presentations:


A few comments…

“Thomas and Deborah Richard provide retreatants with a depth of theological and spiritual reflection that inspires and educates. This deeply committed Catholic couple witnesses to the love of Christ for His people by their lives of simple, humble service. Thought-provoking presentations are the hallmark of their programs.”

  • Fr. Thomas F.X. Hoar, SSE, Director of St. Edmund’s Retreat, Mystic, CT

Thomas Richard and Deborah gave an excellent day of retreat on the Our Father – so professional – so pious – a complete addition to adult ed programs in parishes.

  • George and Margaret C., St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

I have been praying the “Our Father” since I have been a small child without even knowing fully what it meant. This retreat helped a “whole lot”. I will pray it it more diligently and prayerfully from now on! Thank you very much, Tom and Deborah.

  • Gonz and Armi G., St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

The day has been beautiful – The 7 petitions related to the sacramental graces has been so revealing and of course in relation to the Mass!!! Incredibly beautiful. God bless.

  • Linda P., St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

Thomas Richard’s presentation on the Our Father deepened my understanding of this prayer, in particular how the seven sacraments are tied to the seven petitions of the prayer. Deborah Richard’s presentation on Mary at the foot of the Cross was a meditation that will help me in particular to receive Our Lord in Holy Communion.

  • Glenda B., St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

The insight that the Richards shared with us, filled me with knowledge that I needed and may now go and share with others to help bring them to Christ.

  • Kathy D., St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

“Our Father” Retreat was a powerful, enlightening experience for me. It has changed my prayer life forever. Thank you!

  • Joan F., St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

Dr. Thomas Richard, you so much for the excellent retreat on the Our Father, and Mrs. Richard, thank you for the talk on Mary. Both talks were excellent and add a lot to our understanding of the Our Father and more understanding on Mary.

  • Anonymous, St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

Nothing better to renew our spiritual direction than the witness and inspiration provided by others who journey and share their faith an love. The Richards have done just that for us on the mini-retreat on the prayer of Our Father. We appreciate it in Jesus and through Mary.

  • Lee H., St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

Thomas and Deborah Richard are a blessing to our parish. Their teaching is complete, enthusiastic and informative and such a blessing. They are an example of the Love of Christ. Any parish would benefit from one of their presentations.

  • Theresa P., St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

This Retreat is awe inspiring — Deep into the prayer Jesus gave us to use — Insight into the Love of the Father — A wonderful presentation.

  • Anonymous, St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

I am 68 years old and learned more during this retreat than I have learned in my lifetime as a Catholic. It opened up a new understanding of what the “Our Father” means to our faith and how all inclusive it is in teaching us what it means to live a life filled with the Holy Spirit and living a life in Jesus.

  • Janet M., St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

Wonderful class – learned a lot – need more classes like this. Thanks so much.

  • Sister in Christ, St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

I attended Thomas and Deborah Richard’s presentations on the Interior Liturgy of the Our Father. Perhaps the most important petition for me to consider was how to forgive others particularly when they hurt innocent children in an ongoing fashion. Thomas pointed out that in such cases, by praying in hope for the conversion of the perpetrators, we are in effect forgiving them.

  • Anonymous, St. Peter’s. Beaufort SC

I recently attended a retreat on Lectio Divina given by Dr. Thomas Richard, it was wonderful. Scripture is so much richer to me now and more personal. Dr. Richard and his wife Deborah are so knowledgeable about Church teachings and the Bible I feel I have a much deeper understanding of my faith. I want to thank them for all the wonderful insights they shared with us. It truly was special weekend

  • Sheila Cowart, Christ the King, Tampa.

We just attended the most interesting retreat this weekend on the First Letter of John. It was our first experience on Lectio Divina. It was very rewarding. After reading the letter a few times everything started to fall into place, our thoughts began to be in order and we were able to identify some issues we had before. WE CAN ACTUALLY SAY THAT WE WERE RECONFIRMED ON OUR FAITH and feel much more relaxed after that.

It was a great opportunity to talk about various subjects that we were unclear about, in our experience as Catholics. We did not know what to expect in the retreat, but after attending other Faith Formation opportunities in our Parish with Thomas and Deborah, we did not expect anything less. Our first experience with them was through the RCIA which Thomas directed, as we volunteered for sponsors. How well prepared, because of RCIA, were those Candidates and Catechumens! Also we attended Thomas’s sessions on The Our Father, on his Journey of Faith and also his presentations on his book The Ordinary Path to Holiness. Thomas, Deborah our most sincere Thanks.

  • Agustin & Mariblanca, Christ the King Church, Tampa

Thomas and Deborah – the Lectio Divina retreat that you led for us this past weekend was truly a gift from God! Your presentation on this excellent method of reading, listening, and discerning Scripture brought special light to the word of God. We will forever read and listen to Scripture with new eyes and ears! Under your leadership, we were able to personally feel the First Letter of John, and to fully grasp how God wants us to live. Your special enthusiasm, deep knowledge of Scripture and the teachings of Church scholars, and true devotion to the people of God made this the best retreat experience we have ever had. Thank you so much!

  • Steve and Suzanne Cooper, Tampa

Deborah and Thomas – The Lay Carmelites of SC would like to thank you for a wonderful spirit-filled Day of Recollection. The correlation of the Our Father and Interior Castles was truly enlightening for all. Everyone commented that they were so happy to have your books available to purchase. This will allow us to read and digest the materials more deeply and have a better understanding of this spiritual journey we are all on. God bless you both in your ministry.

  • Patricia Whitlock, Regional Coordinator of SC & NC

The Richards have opened my eyes to the Lord’s Prayer in such a marvelous way that I’ll never be able to pray it in the same way again. Thank you, Thomas and Deborah, for such rich soul food – and God bless you in your grace-filled ministry.

  • Pastor, Sacred Heart Church, Groton CT

“I want to say thank you, Thomas and Deborah, for such an inspiring presentation. You know that we are to live so that others can see Christ in us, and we were all allowed to see this as you both carried us through the program. Step by step you took us and presented the liturgical information so that it all made sense: how the proclaiming of the word was not an act in itself, but a gathering-in of all present to lead us to the full reception of the Eucharist. Like the apostles on the way to Emmaus, my eyes were opened. I saw Christ in the two of you and your message. I strongly recommend this day of reflection to all parishioners, so that they may understand and enjoy the celebration of the Mass more fully. I would not change any part of the day.”

  • Jimmie Savarese Chair of the Liturgical Committee, St. Peter’ Church, Beaufort SC.

I’m so glad I was able to attend your “Renew The Church!” It was so inspiring – I will never say the “Our Father” in the same way. It means so much more now….

  • A.N., Parishioner, St. Mark Church

“Thank you so very much for making our Ladies Day of Recollection here at Holy Family so meaningful this year! We continue to hear many positive comments on your wonderful program, and I know that many are now reading your book! What a wealth of information and inspiration it includes — it truly is a beautiful roadmap for our own journeys. We appreciate so much your giving of your time and of yourself, and we enjoyed getting to know both you and Deborah. Please let us know when your next book on the Lord’s Prayer is available, as much interest was also expressed in that! Again, thank you for being such a blessing to us! We will look forward to staying in touch with you.”

  • Kathy Donnelly, Ladies Guild Chair, Holy Family Church

“We have been blessed to have participated in numerous retreats, conferences and lectures presented by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Richard. Thomas and Deborah have a keen sense of the proper role of the laity in the Church and an appreciation of how the laity builds up the Body of Christ through their response to the universal call to holiness. They are a faith-filled couple – true witnesses to Christian marriage, a positive example of Christian unity in today’s darkened world. Each brings a unique gift to audiences, challenging both minds and hearts with their complementary approaches. Always faithful to the Magisterium, Thomas’s and Deborah’s presentations are sure to awaken hearts, inspire minds and stir up a thirst for wisdom and holiness. Their thoughtful reflections inspire us to change our hearts, turn to God and build up the Church. “I will give you a new heart and place a new spirit within you, taking from your bodies your stony hearts and giving you natural hearts.” (Ezek 36:26)”

  • Mark King, Permanent Deacon, Diocese of Norwich

“Why attend adult catechesis? Dr. Thomas Richard is presenting a series on the Gospel of John for the parish. His knowledge of the scriptures and the traditions of the Church have helped to enlighten and inspire many of us in the parish. God wants us to know the Word and to study His Scriptures. We have a wonderful opportunity at St. Peter’s to learn from this theologian and teacher and should take advantage of this. Thank you, Dr. Richard.”

  • Thomas Hetherington, St. Peter’s Parishioner

“What a gift are these Days of Reflection, opening us to the mysteries of Faith. I earnestly recommend the Days of Reflection offered by Dr. Thomas and Deborah Richard. To date I have attended the one for catechists and the one on the Mass. The presentations in both Days were rich with quotes from Scripture, Catechism and Church Documents, and Tradition, including an abundance of quotes from the saints, and their experiences. The presenters are passionate, sincere and inspired in their message. They are animated with enthusiasm and humor. As the two presenters alternate talks, participants are kept engaged. The format was well-paced with 40 min. sessions, followed by breaks for prayer and reflection. After lunch, a facilitated small group discussion prepared for summary and specific application ideas in a closing large group discussion. The Days reflection culminated with a Closing Prayer including meaningful intercessions. Thank you.”

  • Barbara Stanley, DRE, St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Beaufort, SC

“Permit me to express my appreciation for the “Listening to the Gospel of John” series that Dr. Thomas Richard is presenting. It is proving to be an enlightening series. I am pleased that St. Peter’s has made Adult Education such a priority. We are very fortunate to have someone with Dr. Richard’s expertise and background to be in charge of Adult Education at St. Peter’s.”

  • Michael Brannen, St. Peter’s Parishioner

“Over the years, we have learned the hard way that faith must be nurtured like a plant which grows large and strong when actively cultivated and, conversely, which tends to weaken and even die, when it receives only weekly ritual attention. We cannot say enough about the refreshing presentations conducted by Thomas and Deborah Richard. Their well-prepared discussions and supporting materials have increased the scope and depth of our knowledge about Catholic teaching while correcting many surprisingly common misconceptions. Held to only one hour, what we learned in these sessions leaves us better prepared to explain and defend our faith.”

  • John and Charlene Sprague, St. Peter’s Parishioners

“I attended the RCIA at Christ The King Catholic Church with Deborah and Thomas. It was the greatest learning experience for my husband and me. The course was very informative and we had some awesome group discussions. They have a wealth of information and are more than willing to share with everyone. They are great teachers and great friends!!!”

  • -Brittany Payne (parishioner at Christ the King Tampa, FL)

At an Ignited by Truth Conference, Deborah explains our ministry for Church renewal – parish missions and presentations to help members grow in the life of prayer.

…Spreading the Word at Conferences ….

At the Ignited by Truth Conference, Thomas points out a passage in The Interior Liturgy of the Our Father, to a woman seeking to understand the treasures of this “perfect” prayer, the Our Father.

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