Posted by: Thomas Richard | November 10, 2021

An Absolute Must-Read on the CV-19 Shot

Yes, absolutely read this article in LifeSite News, especially if you have resisted “vaccination” so far.  Read it, and spread the word.  I’ll not say more – the author of the crucially important information – Dr. Peter McCullough – is the one that this country, and most of the world, needs to listen to ASAP.

Dr. Peter McCullough: The COVID shot is a form of ‘bioterrorism,’ its spike protein is ‘pathogenic’


postscript – There is much more that ought to be said in the light of theology – in the light of God’s will and truth – in the matter of this illness and the rush for a medical defense against it.  The abortion connection is crucially important – and yet it is largely forgotten today, in favor of “the science”  We begin to see now that “the science” in fact has been and is as hidden under the table, as is the theology today.  Today, the all-important “science” is reduced to one absolute national commandment for universal “vaccination” for all people of all ages and conditions and preconditions. It is an obsession – a madness that cannot be quenched by anything other than universal compliance.

Stand back for a moment and look at what is happening, fellow Americans.  The spirit gathering so many into an irrational and blind clamor for obedience, no exceptions, is beyond mere human nature.  We had better wake up, and sober up soon.  The intoxications of godless materialism, credit-card consumerism, and back-slapping political correctness are all paper-thin and superficial.  There will be an Accounting, and it cannot be far away.



  1. Dear Thomas,

    Having read the article from the link you provided, I cannot thank you enough! It is an excellent read and I agree everyone needs to read it asap. I thank God for the courage and wisdom He gave to Dr. McCullough, to share with others. May God continue to show His Mercy on us all.

  2. Thank you Thomas for keeping us aware of this problem. It is so very sad that so many people just get the shot regardless of what God says. I agree with you that there will be an accounting before God very soon. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us. Jesus, my Savior, have mercy on us all.

  3. I have been following Dr. McCullough on the internet for a while and I am amazed at his memory and delivery. He approached this talk from a very contemporary look at medicine without even mentioning the Nuremberg
    principles or our Constitution. This talk was pure science and medicine, truthfully told. What a delight for this viewer counting down the days till the December 8th MANdate ,not God’s, at MUSC. Sante Ioseph, ora pro nobis!!
    Patrick Roddy

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