Posted by: Thomas Richard | March 1, 2021

A New Day is Dawning

In an essay published on this website on June 15, 2019, I wrote in Will God Give Us a Third Chance? my great concern for the Church, still at that time asleep in a comfortable status quo, still taking her ease.  A hungry pack of thieves and robbers – growing and expanding their power in America, in the world, and in the Church! – had continued their subterfuge with growing success.  I saw at that time – with dismay – the unconcern spread wide, far and high in the institutional Church.  And now, today, March 1, 2021, with many in the Church and the world still preoccupied with only what is within arm’s reach, and blind to what is climbing over the broken and weakened walls, invading and in-filling both Church and State – today I was on the verge of despair.

BUT!  This morning I see a sign of great hope.  A strong and faithful bishop, Bp. Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas is cooperating with a small group of committed laity to build with his permission in his diocese a multifaceted Catholic Center  – an intentional faithful Catholic community, “Now in the planning stages, Veritatis Splendor will be a spiritual home where Christians can develop, nurture and preserve all of the chief truths and teachings of Christendom.”

I invite my readers to read the wonderful news in the National Catholic Register, HERE.

The website of the planned Center, named Veritas Splendor (named after the papal encyclical of Pope St. John Paul II, The Splendor of Truth) is a must-see as well. You may well want to write for more information.

I also include below the three main points of my 2019 essay published on this website:

Point 1 from 2019, “Will God Give Us a Third Chance?” – the danger is dark and deadly:

The transformation of America that Obama worked toward, has become only more frightening and possible now, than it was then. The “advance”, from liberal to progressive to socialist to the end of our democratic republic, is today more clearly and obviously the Democrat Party trajectory, than it was before. The quest of man – a godless City of Man – was made visible in the ancient Tower of Babel (Gen 11), and has been sought ever since. Man lusts for the freedom from God that gives him full reign to do whatever he pleases. The danger to all of our authentic and God-given freedoms as Americans, from the freedom of religion on down, is more threatened now than ever before in our history. As St. Mother Teresa observed, where a child in the womb is not safe, having no intrinsic right to life, no human person is safe; no human right is safe.

The culture has been dumbed down sufficiently, the churches have been secularized sufficiently, that both democracy and living faith are no longer safe. Both could virtually be lost at the same time in one election cycle. Man’s lust for “freedom from religion,” growing today, could be satisfied under force of law, in one election cycle. Socialism is no longer a bad word; God is optional, indeed, irrelevant; right and wrong are mere passing opinions, and besides, see how our economy is booming! We were close to the tipping point in 2016, indeed a majority of voters were fine with the “new morality” of godless “political correctness” and we are even more perilously close now, 2019. Some say the progressives lost only by the out-dated system of the Electoral College: they “actually” won by the popular vote. I say no; you lost because God had mercy on America and on the world – perhaps just this one more time.

Point 2 from 2019, “Will God Give Us a Third Chance?” – God sent an unexpected reprieve:

When in 2016 [Hillary] Clinton was defeated and Trump won, as most of America I was stunned. But I was also trembling inside, knowing that God had just given America, and the rest of the endangered world, one undeserved and perhaps last chance. The Church – the Church He sent – He gave one undeserved and perhaps last chance! His Church was sent to be light in this dark and darkening world! His Church was sent to bring Truth to lost human persons! That creation sent to be His Church, I weep and groan within to say, has become so compromised, so institutionalized, so impoverished within and so monetized and commercialized outwardly, that she is hardly distinguishable from the culture she was sent to save. This Church has learned nothing these past three years! She continues on her own way as before; she continues her outward adornments, she chases the latest fashions, she echoes the latest fads; she ignores the disease in her soul.

Point 3 from 2019, “Will God Give Us a Third Chance?” – The Church continues in wide-spread famine:

The Church needs divine supernatural grace – His holy Life! The Church needs our Mother Mary! The Church needs His Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth! In His grace, if we will entrust ourselves to Him, with His sacraments, in the Catholic moral life, growing in prayer with and through our Mother Mary, we can again find Him, we can again receive and believe Him, we can again live our human lives in holiness, in Him. This is His will: our holiness – which will be light in this darkening godless world. Light meant for the many, is entrusted first to the few, that they might carry it to the others, those meant to be our brothers and sisters.

We the Church need to repent and return. The world needs the Church, though they know it not, and the Church needs to repent and return, though many seem to know it not – even now, we are preoccupied with trivia and neglectful of the essentials, “while men were sleeping.”

I don’t know what it will take, for our pastors to reject the ever-incoming waves of “the latest” parish renewal programs and turn to the saints, the fathers and doctors of the Church for the time-tested and proven sources of faith formation. We have an excellent Catechism – why aren’t we using it? We have teachers of prayer who have “been there” on the mountain top, and have left us a heritage of spiritual wisdom – why won’t we listen to them?

BUT no, here in 2021 we are not deserted or abandoned: God has heard the cries of His poor.  The Splendor of Truth continues to radiate.  The most Holy Spirit is moving still, and awakening His people – even if only a few at a time. He can work grand transformations in a glance, in a blink, in a moment, and mountains can move and deserts can erupt in fruitfulness, all in His perfect time.

To quote from the Sunday morning Liturgy of the Hours, in this time of Lent, now March 2021:

Today is holy to the LORD your God. Do not lament, do not weep; for today is holy to our LORD. Do not be saddened this day, for rejoicing in the LORD must be your strength! (Nehemiah 8:9,10b)


  1. Dear Thomas,

    Thanks so much for this welcome news on your blog today! Yes, as I read the article in “The Catholic Register”, I too was singing in my heart: “A New Day is Dawning”!

    God’s Word is always True in both Old and New Testaments , for He is All Holiness, Truth, and above All — God is Love Eternal.

    This past Sunday Morning’s Reading from Nehemiah (8:9, 10 ) in the Liturgy of the Hours is so very appropriate for the final words in your blog today.

    • The news of such an enterprise as a community in a way dedicated to the Splendor of Truth is very welcomed news – very. In these darkened times, where darkness seems at times to be winning, the daily accounts of plot after plan after scheme after executive order are very heavy to hear, and to bear – a very heavy cross to carry. And yet what servant can be greater than his Master? Yet darkness is followed by light – Light! – in the time of our God.

  2. Great News Thomas. Bishop Strickland is one of the true faithful Bishops.
    We must take his example and not give up. I think the present administration is quickly demonstrating to those who vote for them what a mistake they made.
    The faithful must stay prepared and awake.

    • Hello Francis – it is good to hear from you on this “New Day”! Yes, prepared and awake. And strong in faith, standing in hope, walking in love, remaining in Him. Thank God for the faithful bishops and priests, deacons, religious and laity! God will enable His own for the times and challenges ahead.

  3. Thomas thank you again for your encouragement in these difficult times we live in. I take your posts seriously and share with others so they too can be enlightened and encouraged. Your posts come at the right moment and show me the way to proceed in my life. The Lord speaking to me through you. I am grateful to God for the gifts He has given to you and your faithfulness to use them for the benefit of His Holy Church . Praise God our Father, Jesus and Mary our Mother.

    • Hello Christine – thank you for the encouragement that all who read your comment, can draw. Praise is indeed due to God our Father, Jesus His Son, and their Holy Spirit sent to be an ever-present and Divine Encourager, along with dear Mary our Blessed Mother – and through them, the “one-another”ness in His Love that binds us all in Truth.

  4. Thank you, Thomas. There is little to smile about in today’s news. I look to Jesus and know that He is faithful and in charge. I should have no worries. Let us continue to pray for one another knowing that we have a mighty God.

    • Hello Susan. Yes, I know the weight of “today’s news”, so often so heavy and so hard to hear. Yet in faith we know that He is always working good: holy, true, eternal Goodness. He puts a limit on evil, and a wall of ultimate protection surrounding all who will in faith remain in Him. Yes, let us continue always to pray with and for one another!

  5. Great blog! The Catholic church and our country needs prayers. So much hatred and destruction in our world. So many have thrown God out of their lives. Our administration is definitely leading us to socialism. We MUST pray for the young people that they will turn their lives around and serve God. May God be with us through these trying times

    • Thank you, Betty, for your comments. I appreciate your call to us all, to pray for the young people. The rightful and needed formation in the holy, living Faith, is being opposed very strongly in these dark times. We must pray the Spirit to please break through the opposing confusions and contradictions set in the path of the young (and in the paths of all – not only the young), that they will see the saving Truth of God through the fog of modern times. In the discordant noise of modernity, may they hear the quiet voice of peace in Truth.

  6. Does anybody know what the website name.

    • It is:
      Renew The Church!

      Or are you asking about another website?

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