Posted by: Thomas Richard | March 11, 2020

An Interior Pilgrimage

I began writing a book on the prayer, The Our Father, many years ago. A few years later, it was first (self-) published, in 2004: The Interior Liturgy of the Our Father. The work of prayer and writing brought forth in me an appreciation for – a reverence and awe of – this prayer given from the mouth and heart of God Himself: Jesus Christ. My love for the gift of this prayer only increases, multiplies, in time as the years add upon years. No one on earth will ever, I suspect, plumb the depths of this prayer, nor draw from it all the divine wisdom and truth held in it.  It is truly, divinely, beautiful.

I wrote a short guide to prayer and meditation on this prayer, to help a reader/seeker begin to embrace it, or more deeply embrace it. The guide is on this website; if you are reading this you are only “a click away” to the first page, which is here: An Interior Pilgrimage for the Soul. On this first page is an Introduction to the prayerful journey through the petitions of the Prayer. The next page presents a meditation on the first petition of the prayer, as a “Station” along the journey.
At the end of each page, each step of the pilgrimage, is a link to the next page, and the next step of the journey, the pilgrimage. Each of the seven petitions of the Our Father is its own Station, toward the final end of the Prayer, holy union in and with the Father.  At the end of the final page is a link to return to the Home Page of the Renew The Church website.

I recommend any and all to this Pilgrimage! This Prayer is in truth “the perfect prayer”, and “the complete prayer.” It is the norm for all prayer. Those who find it and enter it in authentic prayer, are blessed indeed.


  1. Dear Thomas,

    Thanks so much for this “Interior Pilgrimage”. Jesus Himself told us: “When you pray, say: “Our Father…” It is so important for us to LISTEN to all that Jesus said and did as recorded for us in the Scripture! Mary our Mother listened and pondered all in her heart – as both Mother and Model for the Church. May we learn to listen as Mary did that we may do the Truth we hear.

  2. Yes Thomas I read your book on the Our Father and share your feels on it,
    I feel sorry for and pray for those that do not say this prayer and feels it’s message. Looking forward to reading An Interior Pilgrimage for the Soul.

    God Bless you and Deborah

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