Posted by: Thomas Richard | October 12, 2021

Consecration to Life in a Culture of Death

“In God we trust.”  Really?  In the beginning of this country, the foundations laid were firm;  the founding fathers presumed a world that was created, not accidental, created toward a specific end, not purposeless, not left to chance.  And they presumed a Creator having standards of justice, endowing us with rights that must be honored and protected, recognizing possibilities of goodness – even greatness – but also of wrongdoing, even to the depths of evil – among men.  In stark contrast to the changing winds of human thought and belief today that are so fashionable, unmoored and precarious, those founding fathers believed in a universe of solid realities not determined by their own subjective speculations, wishes or fantasies.  They were sober realists, contrasted to the egocentric ideologues of today who long ago swapped the gold of Truth for the cheap glass beads of “woke” political correctness. 

God has allowed us, the living of today, to see clearly – if we will open our eyes – a beautiful creation on the edge of suicide.  Western culture is mentally ill and blending into a world-wide stupor: an unreasoning numbness, an emotional coldness, a spiritual paper-thin shallowness, a heart incapable of embracing any other love than for the all-precious Self.  The impotence of our time cannot allow even the hope of happiness; happiness is aborted at conception, its birth is murdered by loathing cynicism at the start.  Our art is sterile, our music is noise, our dance is frantic madness, our love is lust, we have fallen into ugliness and no way out can be seen.

I am grateful. The deep corruption and death being revealed in politics and government, in courts of law, in institutional religion, in the educational system, in the field of medicine, in science, in every field and corner of humanity today, convinces me of one truth: we will not, we cannot fix this mess.  The mess – the swamp – is too big, too deep, too wide, too high, too pervasive to be corrected by any human project, plan or effort.  The mess has grown beyond the reach of men, just as it has grown by forces beyond the powers of men.  What we are seeing among us is the work of evil, it is straight out of hell, a swirling vortex sucking the works of man down and toward and into the black hole of hell.

I am grateful that I see this now, because now I can know, with certainty, that there is one and only one solution: God.  Only God can fix this mess; only He can overcome this kind of evil.

In a recent approved apparition of the Blessed Mother Mary, a message of warning and exhortation was delivered to a faithful family in Civitavecchia, Italy.  A portion of a recent Lifesite News interview (1) with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò included this Question and Answer below, which is very relevant to our rightful response to these times.

LifeSite: Civitavecchia also contains the message that there will be a great apostasy in the Catholic Church. Many believe that there are bishops and cardinals within the Church who are either Freemasons or collaborate with them. Do you yourself have any knowledge of this, especially in light of your own work in the diplomatic corps?

Archbp Viganò – That the Masonic octopus clutches the Catholic Church in its tentacles is neither a rumor nor a secret. Right in the Vatican, the very stronghold of the Catholic Church, Masonry has armed itself with diabolical patience and waited until it reached the levers of power and command. The heart of Catholicity, which by divine mandate must be a beacon, has long been home to a pomp and pretension that decays it.

In Civitavecchia, during an apparition in the garden of the house, on August 27, 1995, the Blessed Virgin transmitted an alarming message, referring to what was already revealed at Fatima: “My children, the darkness of Satan is now obscuring the whole world and it is also obscuring the Church of God. Prepare to live what I had revealed to my little daughters of Fatima… After the painful years of Satan’s darkness, the years of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart are now imminent.” All the evidence shows that we have entered this time of trial, a decisive test. “The sufferings of the Church,” said Benedict XVI on the same journey to Fatima that we have mentioned, “come from within, from the sin that exists in the Church. This has always been known, but today we see it in a truly terrifying way.”

“This is the moment when the judgment has begun, beginning from the House of God!” (1 Pt 4: 17). Christ’s disciples are confronted with radical choices of consistency and fidelity, of total dedication to him, in the firm confession of the true faith: this could also cost the gift of one’s life in the supreme witness of martyrdom. With prayer and sacrifice we can mitigate this tribulation that has fallen upon the Church as a terrible punishment, but it is no longer possible to reverse it: it belongs to a providential plan of God. Through this radical trial, as through an Easter Triduum of suffering, death and descent into hell, the length of which we do not know, the Church will effectively be purified from the evils that are devastating her. This is what the Catechism of the Catholic Church recalls in numbers 675-677, citing the condemnation of the antichristic imposture. The Church will know the triumph of the Kingdom of Mary, which will open the doors to the Kingdom of Christ.

If the triumph of the Immaculate Heart is not far away, now is the time of battle, and She who is our Leader and Co-redemptrix wants to see us fight, suffer and implore her Victory which is now at the gates. “Through you I can spread the light of faith in these days of great apostasy. You are the light of the Lord, because you are children totally consecrated to Me. Let yourselves be guided by Me… If you listen to Me with true love, and fulfill my requests by walking the path that I point out to you in your mind and heart, through you I can realize the great divine Design of the great triumph of my Immaculate Heart” (September 8, 1995).

The strong message of Fatima was repeated and conveyed anew at Civitavecchia.  It is a call to prayer and sacrifices, repentance and reparation, a life of consecration and obedience to God.  The faithful Church must be light in this dangerous and growing darkness.  Sr. Lucia wrote in her book on the Fatima messages (2):

Renouncing anything which might cause us to sin is the way to salvation. It is for this reason that the Lord warns us that whoever would save his life, will lose it: in other words, anyone who wishes to satisfy their disordered appetites, live a sinful life, tread the broad path of sin, without repenting or making amends, will lose eternal life. How can we not ask ourselves with Jesus “What does it profit us if we gain the whole world, and lose or forfeit ourselves?” 

In the same way, Jesus warns us: “He who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me” (Mt 10, 38) Yes! How can anyone be a friend of God and worthy of eternal life if they do not deny themselves whatever is necessary in order to walk in the way of his commandments, renouncing illicit pleasures, the whims of pride, vanity, covetousness, avarice, excessive self indulgence, failure to practice charity and justice towards others, shrugging off the yoke of the daily cross or carrying it reluctantly without bringing it into line and uniting it with the Cross of Christ? 

At times it will be the cross of our daily work: ‘You will eat your bread by the sweat of your brow” was the burden God imposed on Adam as a penance for his sin. At other times, it will be the difficulties of life which occur at every step we take, and which we must accept with serenity, patience and resignation. At yet other times, it will be the humiliations which happen all of a sudden and which we must accept, acknowledging whatever is imperfect within us and resolving to amend ourselves with confidence in God, who always helps souls who mean to raise themselves up to a better and more perfect life: ‘Make of everything you can a sacrifice’ – the Message tells us – ‘and offer it to God as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended and in supplication for the conversion of sinners.’ 

We must take very seriously, the gift of our call into Jesus Christ!  “To whom much is given, much will be required.”  We must not be like the lovers of this world, idolaters of Self, drunk with what is not and empty of what is.  We must be alert and sober, knowing the shortness of our days, the glory of His promise, the splendor of His eternal Being, and the precious value of each soul we encounter.  Let us live prayerfully confident in Him who is our life.  Let us seek in all ways to be consecrated persons, giving Life in this culture of death.


End notes:

(1)  Lifesite News Sept. 3, 2021, “FLASHBACK: Archbishop Viganò: Our Lady warned of ‘great apostasy’ in Church,” Maike Hickson

(2) “CALLS” The Message of Fatima by Sister Lucia, Pt. 9, The Call to Sacrifice 


  1. Dear Thomas,

    Thanks so much, again, for another Blog article that speaks the Truth. Having read about the Apparitions and other references you include, I certainly agree we must take very seriously, the gift of our call into Jesus Christ. He came to us so humbly through our Mother Mary, by the power of the Holy Spirit. He will come again through her, for He gave her the words to encourage us: “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph!”

  2. Dearest Thomas, thank you for sharing the Truth with us. God has allowed us to see the evils in the world and in the church today, you are right. Thanks be to God, it just makes God’s Light shine so much brighter!!! Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us and keep Your loving arms around us, Your children.

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