Posted by: Thomas Richard | February 20, 2010

Thoughts in the Wilderness

If a majority of Americans does not very soon wake up, or sober up, or grow up, this country is soon to fall.  Our foundations are crumbling, and no matter how many large-screen TVs we can cram into our up-side-down mortgaged homes, the country will fall.  No matter how high-tech is our entertainment, it remains fantasy.  Life is not a beach!  Retirement is not the purpose of work, and golf is not the reason for life!  Virtual reality is not real, no matter how clever or exciting.

No matter how many pools, computers and media-savvy classes we indulge our kids with, in our education-palaces called “schools,” we are abusing them: we are robbing our children of their future by our debts, we are starving them of real education and wisdom, we are abandoning them to fad “edu-experts.”  We are failing to love them enough to be parents to them, and we are afraid to even be adults for them.  What chance do they stand?

Christ sent a church into this darkness to be light!  Is there enough light even now, even in our tepid sleepy churches, to see the fall in front of us?  Can we not see the chasm there, getting closer?  The greatness of America hinges on the goodness of Americans.  We have lost the way, but still it is very close.  It is late, but not too late, not yet.  We still are close enough to remember a better way.



  1. This is a strong message, Thomas, but one we need to ponder and to act upon, by God’s Grace.

    God has blessed our country, and we have blessed others past and present. Still, I agree with you that there is a growing darkness which pervades our culture. We can see it, hear it, and yet we can feel almost helpless as it grows worse. It is crucial that we not remain idle!

    We are not helpless, nor without hope, for Christ our Light has come and penetrated the darkness for all time. He is our answer if we will turn to Him. He is our Way, our Truth and our Life. He is our Gift received and ours to give to this world so hungry for love and the peace which surpasses understanding.

    Our world is dark because it continues looking for happiness in all the wrong places. John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness, “Prepare the Way of the Lord”. By our lives in Christ, we need to be witnesses of the Light Who has come and desires to shine within us all. He will come again and may He find us prepared with our lamps lit (Mt 25:1-13).

  2. Dear Thomas, I read your February 20 post, and you make the point very clearly. I come away from it reminded of the question “Will there be any faith on the earth when I return?”

    I read just yesterday that there is someone in the State of Florida introducing a bill challenging Roe v Wade. Then I read the comments that were invited in the online notice, They were so hateful and demeaning to the sponsor of that bill to the point of being vitriolic. It made me cry for the people who spoke so against the value of life and its protection in the embryonic stage and the unbridled personal hatred of the bill’s sponsor. It is just one more example of your complaint about Americans not waking up, our foundations crumbling, one of which is – most certainly – the right to life.

    But what struck me most is the great tragedy that these folks do not know God. They just do not know HIm. They can’t know Him! And that lead me immediately to a keener awareness of my great good fortune. Why do I know the Lord and they don’t? I have had every benefit and so many graces given to me … just given! Must be a reason. Surely I am not a great mover and shaker, but I do have a little squeaky voice. I will go back to that site and leave my two cents the sanctity of life, which I hesitated to do yesterday.

    What and how can I make a change in peoples’ hearts and minds as the very popular expression goes? In my particular state (or any other), I see one clear option, and it is prayer. Again, to your message. If the beautiful Light of Christ is not in these people we have to get it there. I think the burden is on us. And so you have your tools in hand ready to teach and not one will listen. I pray for you that you will not be discouraged. I believe life is all about the struggle, maybe not so much about the successes. I believe the Holy Spirit is with the Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail. He expects us to continue the fight. This world for sure is at war.
    God bless you for fighting the good fight.

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