Posted by: Thomas Richard | August 4, 2010

On homosexual marriage

Is marriage a human right, which ought not to be denied to any two people?  The question is raised with great passion and zeal these days by homosexuals, who claim that this right of theirs is being denied for no reason beyond mere prejudice.  As full human rights were once denied to slaves and then to descendants of slaves, as rights were once denied to women, now homosexuals are the targets of this injustice.

What a difference faith makes, in the laws of a nation!  And how far has America fallen into moral confusion! Popular acceptance of individual subjective moral standards in place of a universal and objective and binding moral law are breaking apart the moral compass of our country.  Many people can no longer see any reason why marriage ought to be between one man and one woman – so why not move the line a bit to allow homosexuals to marry?

Marriage has a meaning.  Marriage is not merely a civil arrangement, or a legal agreement.  Marriage is certainly not an accidental or arbitrary social construct that can be freely redefined at will.  Marriage is already defined, and it is not subject to reinterpretation.  Marriage is a covenant created by God having a meaning and a message for all of humanity from its origin in the Garden until the Last Day when the Lord comes.  In marriage, a man and a woman enter a unique human expression of the Triune God in whose image they were created.  In marriage, the divine image is proclaimed to all the world, beginning with the children normatively intended in their marriage but extending out to all of society, to all the world.  God is love, and love is intrinsically fruitful.  The truth of marriage is discovered in the truth of being human – and this is revealed finally in God.

No wonder then that as America drifts further and further from God, she becomes more and more dehumanized, barbaric, crude, insensitive, brutal, loud, superficial, and lost.  Man foolishly tries to believe that he can make something right because he wants it to be right, that he can make something true because he wants it to be true.  This is only idolatry, after all.  For all his supposed sophistication, man is merely repeating the foolishness of past millennia: he creates a god to suit himself, and thus destroys his own soul.  Truth is truth, like it or not.  Truth remains, though every man deny it.

God the Holy Trinity revealed love to man on the Cross.  Love gives all for the beloved.  Love empties himself, he gives without limit, he gives to the death – and in this fullness of self-donation, the result is life.  Love is fruitful; love is the bush that burns but is not consumed; love is undying by its nature.  Love, the fullness of self-gift, ends not in death but life – this is the testimony of marriage, and sacred conjugal love: it is not, by its very nature, sterile.  No, just the opposite.  Love is fruitful, a conjugal communion that is not consumed but is fruitful.  In this testimony, the innate sterility of homosexual union is unmasked as the fraud that it is.  Such a counterfeit cannot be rightly called by the same name as that which God gave to us, the prophetic sacrament bearing witness to the inner life of God.  God set His signature on marriage: the word of life.  It is not for man to make it other.



  1. Dear Thomas,

    How true your words ring! Thank you for articulating so well the subtle deceit of the evil one, who constantly seeks to counterfeit what is true. Listening to the “father of lies”, our nation drifts further from God and His Absolute Truth, and falls into increasing darkness.

    As you point out so well, God has already defined fruitful marriage, and it needs no re-defining! Men and women, need to learn the fullness of His revelation in Jesus, rather than seeking their own sterile interpretation. Marriage between one man and one woman, as God intended from the beginning, is a beautiful and sacred symbol of the Trinity: Love eternally given, received and fruitful.

    As you also pointed out, what a difference faith makes! I could not help but remember the Lord’s words in the Gospel: “When the Son of Man comes will He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8). May we press on, by God’s Grace, to know and do His Truth, in love. May we continually invoke His Mercy on our country and the world Jesus came to save.

  2. Dear Thomas and Deborah,
    It is so difficult to stay focused when it seems that so many of today’s mortal sins have become “social norms”. Like Deborah said in her email, it requires each of us to be proactive in guarding ourselves with God’s Word, Tradition and Magisterium of the Church. Being ignorant of what God’s Revelation, and the Catechism teach makes it so easy for us to be mislead by Satan-even for myself. Even in those moments, God has given me a compass-somewhere deep in my heart- “a little voice” which tells me to go back to the Lord. Perhaps, this is a gift of my Baptism and Confirmation? What I do know is, that avoiding the confusion is possible, and is another reason why continued Adult Formation in the Church is SO IMPORTANT. During last Sunday’s Homily, the priest made a very strong point,”Each of you present today, has been given the gift of faith; pray for those who do not know what this celebration means” At that moment, I realized the greatness of this gift that the Lord has Blessed me with! I realized that I have a job to do, and for the first time I realized that what Jesus says in the Gospel of St. Luke, “To Whom Much is Given, Much will be Expected…”, includes me. Thank you for sharing Deborah and Thomas. May we all put in the time, effort and work that is required to know God’s Truth-and may the Lord Bless our efforts. May He continue to Bless those who share the fruits of their gifts!
    “All That is Not Given, is Lost” -The City of Joy.

  3. Thomas and Deborah,
    The Republic is in a sad state indeed. When people are against something and stand up for their rights to vote: then to have that vote over turned by a judge with an agenda. It seeps into our televisions, books, and songs. Has to be taught as a norm in our schools so as not to offend. When 20 or 30 ears ago was looked upon as a serious and curable psychological problem linked with sex addiction. Very few are monogamous and go from partner to partner; even though, this can be said about heterosexuals as well in our culture today.
    Yet If you talk to most you will get a similar story. Either no mother or (more commonly) no father figure. The other end is that they had both parents but they where abusive or absent. Drank too much. So they were left to fend for themselves and to never see what a real family should be. This leads to even more belief in a mental confusion rather then a genetic predisposition. I have only spoken to one homosexual who has said that she has never been attracted to boys. So it boils down to the breakdown of the family unit in the western world. The more we pollute our morals with pornography, the more we get comfortable with idle chatter, and the more we allow our minds to be dulled the stronger the hold the fallen one will have.

    “Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will have to answer for the body and blood of the Lord. A person should examine himself, so eat the bread and drink the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body, eats and drinks judgment on himself. That is why many among you are ill and infirm, and a considerable number are dying.” First Corinthians Chp. 11:27-30

  4. Soon we will be reciting, with reasons, Psalm 79 which begins this way:

    God, the pagans have invaded your heritage, they have desecrated your holy Temple, they have reduced Jerusalem to a pile of ruins, etc.

    God will not be mocked with immoral laws forever.



  5. I have been perusing your blog, Thomas, and I just want to say thanks for living your faith and pursuing the mission God has given you.

    How important it is that we start with love, on any issue, but particularly on this issue, which seems to be increasingly charged and emotional. Real love, love that is expressed in ways that are tangible and which can be experienced by those to whom we direct our words and actions.

    What is perhaps most missing from this debate – from participants on both sides – is a starting point of love. That is how our Lord approaches us in every aspect of our lives, with utter and complete love, even as He reveals His intentionality for us and the purpose and end of all of His gifts to us, including the gift of our sexuality. Like all of His gifts, our sexuality is designed to allow us to participate in His way of being, which is the way of complete self-giving in service to, and love for, the other as other. In the context of sexuality, we make a gift of ourselves: to our spouse, to the children that the act is designed to be open to and renders us responsible for, and to God in service of his creative purpose. And — in the context of the celibate or abstinent — to God and the Body of Christ by an offering of full or partial abstinence as a prayerful sacrifice.

    It is – like everything in life – intended to be a means for the gift of self, not the mere assertion of self.

    How difficult it is for us today – whatever our sexual orientation – to hear the message that our sexuality is a gift in service of the creation and rearing of new life and not simply a means of self-expression and fulfillment. It means God’s way of being – as it often does – implies limits on our own desires, and for those who are gay, it implies limits that – from a worldly and cultural perspective of sexuality – are more severe than for those who are not. I personally struggle with that truth and the implicit reality that I have a means for engaging in sexual activity consistent with my orientation and that my gay sisters and brothers do not.

    But is it any more difficult to hear or write these words than it is to hear – today or 2,000 years ago – that “whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake … will save it,” or that “if anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me,” or that “the last shall be first, and the first last”? The life of pure love is a life composed of a variety of sacrifices and sufferings that are at times unique to each of us and at times common to all of us, and yet paradoxically, precisely through our respective sacrifices and suffering, we gain life to the full. In my bones I know that to be true, and yet how little I live it.


    • Hello 50,

      Thank you for your comments, on the increasingly relevant and important subject. The darker and more confused the word gets – and it continues to become so – the more important is that foundational reality, love. How needed is the discovery of real love, among us! How needed is the living witness of that love, eternal love, here and now and bright and clear, in the growing darkness.

      I am reminded of the transfiguration scene, in Scripture, when God’s supernatural light made itself manifest in time and in nature, through the sacred humanity of Jesus. How beautiful that must have been. How we need His holy light now, today, to invade humanity through the lived humanity of HIs graced witnesses. May God give HIs grace!

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