Posted by: Thomas Richard | February 27, 2012

Election Time: A Novena of Rosaries, in Prayer for this Country!

When a democratically controlled country is in danger of losing its freedom by actually voting to do so, you know something is dangerously wrong. These are dangerous times, and people are afraid. Such an outcome is possible. America could take a turn in this election to choose government-assured rights, privileges and benefits over the freedom of self-determination that has always been a defining mark of the American character.

The current crisis has been brought about by government-run health care setting aside freedom of religion in favor of what the (I groan to say it: “Catholic”) bureaucrat in power at the moment, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, has declared and pronounced to be more important: free contraception – even to the point of post-conception avoidance of the child, namely abortion, called the “morning after pill”. Even to the point of permanent sterilization: a travesty abhorrent to Catholic faith.

The Bishops of the USCCB released a press report last summer of their call to rescind this mandate that is impossible for faithful Catholics to obey:

The general counsel of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) called on the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to rescind its mandate forcing private insurance plans to cover contraception — including abortifacients — and sterilization, calling the mandate “unprecedented in federal law and more radical than any state contraceptive mandate.” The comments also criticize the narrow “religious employer” exception to the mandate, explaining that it provides “no protection at all for individuals or insurers with a moral or religious objection to contraceptives or sterilization,” instead covering only “a very small subset of religious employers.”

Yes, even the many Catholics – in high position – in this present administration seem deaf, dumb and blind to the moral travesty threatening us. (Where are their Pastors? Where did they learn the Faith? What if anything did they learn of the Faith?)

Brothers and sisters, we need to pray as if this country depended upon it: because at this point in our history, it seems to be literally the case. The Church has kept too low a profile on the crucial but politically incorrect doctrines of our faith! The Church has said and has preached too little and too softly to too few for too long. The time for being quiet and gentle leaven seems to have passed us; the time to be salt is almost lost to us. We need to be clear, unambiguous, and consistent. The issues are freedom, and life, and moral truth. Some Catholics seem to have willingly traded these in for the much cheaper trinkets of political power, social status, and a comfortable time on this earth. They have been scammed.

What can we do, before it is too late? Well, we can vote when the election gets here, and change the powers that be and try to repair the damage that has already been done. But our votes and voices at this moment may be too few – we need to cry out to heaven for help. We need to repent and confess our silence and inaction, and we need to acknowledge to God that without Him we can do nothing. As indeed, so far, we have done so very little.

A Novena of Rosaries for our Country

In our parish we are beginning, this month, a series of nine monthly assemblies in our Adoration Chapel to pray the Rosary together, in petition for divine help to reform and renew this country. We will seek the loving help of our loving Mother, a most holy advocate for her children born and preborn. We will seek the help of our Lord Jesus. We will seek the intercessions of all the saints. We will cry out to the heavens for help, as if the whole country depended upon it – and it does.

I, with others who will come together and pray, ask you to plan and organize and do this very same thing yourselves! Let there be a thousand congregations across the whole county, praying for the renewal and reform of this country! Imagine, if this happened! Such a thing would be evidence of one crucial need being answered already: the renewal and reform of this Catholic Church.

May the Lord assist us, with graces to empower us, with mercy to enable us to begin again. It is not too late.



  1. Dear Thomas,

    Yes, I am so grateful to the woman in our parish who decided to coordinate this monthly Rosary, specifically to plead for our country at this critical time.

    How appropriate to pray together nine monthly Rosaries, March through November before the Presidential election! How many babies were not given nine months in their mothers wombs, but were aborted? How many babies continue to suffer death at the hands of doctors who swore to do no harm? How many mothers and fathers suffer after realizing the harm they permitted, and cannot undo?

    How appropriate for us to pray the Rosary pondering the mysteries of God’s Love revealed in the lives of Jesus, Mary and Joseph! May God renew our hearts, our families, our Church, our nation, and ultimately our world through humble, fervent prayer. We have need of repentance for all our sins; not only abortion which I believe is the most horrendous, but for so many offenses against God.

    Prayer can reveal our sins, alongside God’s sacrificial Love. Looking on Jesus, we can see God’s Love poured out for us. Let us stand at the foot of His Cross with His Sorrowful Mother and plead for His Mercy. Like the good thief, let us repent and believe. We need to pray not only for ourselves but for all those in most need of His Mercy. Our elections in November will have consequences for us and for the whole world.

    May all who read this blog be inspired by the Holy Spirit to pray more fervently than they have ever prayed. God will not refuse humble hearts.

  2. “Yes, even the many Catholics – in high position – in this present administration seem deaf, dumb and blind to the moral travesty threatening us where are their Pastors? Where did they learn the Faith? What if anything did they learn of the Faith?”

    This is the generation who were never given a chance to learn the catechism, Thomas, so they really don’t know the Catholic Faith. It happened during the time when our Pastors were more interested in being politically correct and pleasing people than God. Now we’re paying the price, it could turn out to be quite exorbitant.

    However, Our Lord is there and listening to the petitions of people of good will. Catholics should be encouraged to attend Mass daily, and take advantage of the Sacrament of Penance. Prayers from souls who are not in a state of grace are ineffective.

    In this area we do have Holy Hours of Adoration daily, and many say the rosaries. But, this is not the case with our younger generation who has grown-up listening to MTV, PBS, and the Discovery television channels. All programs that have stealthy undermined our Faith for decades. How do you turn this around?

    But, as you mentioned, with prayers, it’s not too late. It is up to us, our generation, to take the initiative.

  3. “I think God needs to be rescued from religion.” – Sinéad O’Connor

    • Hello Joan,

      It’s a surprise to read a quote taken from this young woman posted on my blog. She generated a lot of attention, in the past, with statements and actions opposing the Catholic Church in particular – but there seems to be something inside of her reaching for truth, and that is a very good thing.

      There is such a thing as false religion! But it is not “religion” that is the enemy of man or of God – it is the falsity of men and of demons that is the enemy. It is so very important to discern things, and to judge the truth or falsity of things, rightly. God put into the heart and soul of man a hunger for truth – and He is Truth. Jesus Christ is the way and the truth and the life! And religion is man’s humble but sometimes confused reaching for Him who is Truth.

      So go slowly in separating things, keeping this and discarding that. Discern the bad, but hold to the good tightly. Recognize falsity wherever it be found – but recognize truth first and always. God does not need to be rescued, but man does – and there is a True witness to His Truth in His Church. She is not false. You can trust the Church that Jesus entrusted.


  4. God needs to be rescued from religion! How odd since He is the One who is the author of our Catholic Religion! No, you cannot get away from it, it is man who is in dire need of rescuing, maybe now more than ever.

  5. My Friend and I would like to pray this novena too. What Novena are you praying? Thanks, Terri

    • Hello Terri –
      I’m happy to hear that you would like to join this prayer for the country! The novena is a series of nine Rosaries, with a few additional readings, prayers and hymns of a patriotic nature – for the country – included with the usual Rosary prayers. We are following the format of a booklet that you can see here:



  6. Thomas-
    Your blog is deep and so true, I hope that our prayers will be answered in November. God bless you and Deborah for your work. I do see some indications of change and hope in our parish of Christ The King, Tampa, FL Daily mass attendance is up and a hard core of “serious catholics” is forming. I just hope it is not too late.
    Keep up the good work.

    John L.

    • Hello John –
      Thank you for your comment. It is good to hear from you! And I’m glad to hear of some good changes in your parish. May the Lord bless that core of “serious Catholics” with true zeal for the faith!

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