Posted by: Thomas Richard | May 16, 2012

Now available at – The Interior Liturgy of the Our Father – in paperback

My book The Interior Liturgy of the Our Father is now available in paperback (from Fidelis Presentations) on the website.  I had looked into offering this through Amazon a while ago, to make it easily available around the country, but it seemed too complicated at the time.  A few days ago, to my shock, I went to the Amazon page advertising The Interior Liturgy, and found the Kindle version available of course – but two used paperbacks were for sale by private parties, one for $89, and the other for $500!

I was of course troubled by these prices for these two (used) paperbacks, especially since I have boxes of them new at home and the list price is only $15.  I looked a second time into offering these on Amazon and lo and behold it is much simpler now than before!  Hence the headline: “Now appearing on Amazon – The Interior Liturgy of the Our Father – in paperback.”

The paperback version is the first edition of the book.  In rewriting a second edition for the Kindle and Nook ebooks, I wanted to shorten the first part a bit to allow the reader to more quickly get to the meat of the book: the actual petitions and meanings in the prayer.  I am not sure which I prefer, but the two are not exactly the same.  The paperback has a longer introductory development of the structure and theme of the prayer the Our Father.

Thank You Amazon –

I am really grateful to Amazon for opening the world of authoring, publishing and book-selling to the public, as they have!  This easier access for readers in America and even around the world is a great and wonderful opportunity for the Church, and for the work of the Gospel.  The work of an edifying Catholic novel, or a work of beautiful Christian devotion, or works of solid teaching that the Church needs to hear – all such works of ministry can find their way to hungry hearts many times more easily, more quickly, and less expensively, because of modern technology and companies like Amazon.  The Church urges us all to use the modern possibilities and technologies to spread the Gospel!  And so we should.

A Request –

Readers of any of my books – could you please write a “customer review” for it/them at the Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble website?  A customer review can help a potential new reader make a decision on an author and book he has never heard of before.  I’m not ashamed to ask you – because I really do believe that my books can be helpful for Catholics (and maybe even not-yet-Catholics).  I would not have written them otherwise.  I believe that they will bring forth fruit for the Lord and His Gospel, and so even a word from you could have a share in that fruitfulness.  Thank you…

Thomas Richard

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