Posted by: Thomas Richard | December 7, 2012

Prior to Adult Faith Formation, One Thing Is Necessary

I stress a simple but essential prerequisite (for adult formation) … without which all the formal education in the faith will remain merely on the surface of the person.

In a recent article in HPR, I stressed the need in the Church for adult formation. 1  Of course, the leadership of the Church knows the need very well!  But, the inconvenient truth is that there is widespread neglect in following through on the well-documented magisterial recognition of that need.  The many wonderful documents that teach the rightful priority of adult formation don’t seem to make it down to the pews.  That, however, was the subject of the first article: we need adult formation in the faith!

… for more of this article by Thomas Richard in Homiletic and Pastoral Review, click on:  Prior to Adult Faith Formation, One Thing Is Necessary.


  1. Dr Richard, I love your writing . It has such passion which I share but you express it so eloquently. Tonight I begin a new Adult Formation study at my parish. I am the facilitator and we are doing the Catholicism series. As I introduce the group I plan to mention the one necessary thing to the participants. Cheryl Whitaker

    • Hello Cheryl, Thank you for your comments – and for breathing new life into this “old” article! I sincerely hope and I pray that the “one thing necessary” will be heard in your new Adult Formation study as something so obviously true, but more: it really is, in truth, necessary.

      And – the Catechism is such a potent source for an adult study! May the Lord bless and bring to fruitfulness, your work in this very important area of the apostolate.

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