Posted by: Thomas Richard | March 24, 2014

Finding Jesus in the Catholic Church

Finding Jesus in the Catholic Church.

Above is the LINK, below are two brief portions of an article (written by me) in Homiletic & Pastoral Review – just published a few days ago.  Maybe some of you would like to read it.

Have you heard former Catholics—now evangelical and fervent in the Lord—say things such as: “I had to leave the Catholic Church to find Jesus”? Have you heard anyone say, “Once I got out of the Catholic Church, I really heard the Gospel—and I got born again, and I got saved”?

Our mission (as Church) is to bring about that meeting that can change lives, that can make disciples. Then, as a loving mother Church, we are to nurture and guide those disciples into fruitful holiness in Christ.


  1. I was an Evangelical for many years and am now Catholic. I have to say in good conscience that the fellowship and focus on Bible study is sometimes lacking. The answer is not to make the Catholic Church more like a non-denominational “Bible only” Church as many parishes have attempted to do at times.. The answer is strong preaching, not sugar coating the message of the cross and hard focus on the sacraments and the Bible. Preach a strong message and the Catholic Church will convert city blocks.

  2. The message of the Catholic Church is “Christ died for you, The Eucharist is the body and blood of our Lord, and refusing Christ means endangering your own soul. Convert and be redeemed.” Preach that and people will line up begging to come into the Church. Sorry contemporary guitars and light singing ain’t going to do it. How about some serious Catholic hymns, Gregorian Chant and focus on God’s mercy, but also calling people to repent of sin and letting them know that following Jesus Christ is very serious business and that they need to go to confession regularly. Preach it boldly and the numbers will swell. Protestants will come to the Church in droves.

    • Hello Keith,

      Thank you for your two comments. I agree, completely. There are some priests and deacons who do preach the “hard parts” of the Gospel: who do call Catholics to repent and believe the Good News – all of it, not just the “be nice” message. We need such preaching, consistently and often. So many in the pews know too little of the Faith, and this is a very dangerous trend – one with national and world-wide implications. The Church must be light! The Church must be Christ in this world, lest the world collapse in the darkness.

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