Posted by: Thomas Richard | February 13, 2015

Update on a Call to Desert Hermitage… Mark Byerly

Back in 9/20/2014 I wrote a blog entry on a man on pilgrimage – Mark Byerly – called, “A Pilgrimage of Penance, Prayer and Sacrifice.”  I recently heard again from Mark, to let me know he is now moving into a desert hermitage, for time for prayer and reparation.   He wrote,

My name is Mark Byerly. Last fall I was interviewed by Michael Voris and Christine Niles at I am the pilgrim that crossed the country on foot to 150 Catholic shrines in reparation for the sins of our world and for the Church. You ran my story on your website afterwards. As I mentioned in the interview, I am going into the desert of Arizona to continue the life of prayer and penance as a desert hermit. The needs of our world are grave and urgent. I will be leaving home for this venture within a couple of weeks.

To help raise some of the funds necessary for the move and its initial costs, I have been persuaded to start a web based fund raising campaign. The campaign is run on Indiegogo. I am trying to send it on to good, orthodox, Catholic websites and blogs since I know that at these there will be many people of the same mind and heart who would be interested and willing to help. If you can do anything in this regard, I am already grateful. Or perhaps you have some other ideas? My email address is: Here is the link to the fundraising campaign: LINK

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else I can do for you. Again, I am very grateful.
In our Lord,

Mark Byerly.

Mark will respond to any questions or thoughts you might have.  Perhaps you will consider helping support him in this initial challenge he faces to get “established” in his desert hermitage.  There is also some information on the “campaign” link.

Our country, the modern West, and the world in general is in great need of men and women of prayer.  We are in need of witnesses, of humble and obedient persons open to the Spirit, persons of Faith.  May the Lord lead us all, into perfect lives of obedience to Him in love.

Thomas Richard



  1. Dear Thomas,

    Thanks for posting this update on Mark’s life. I’m happy we can support him.

    God calls all of us in unique ways, on our Pilgrimage “Home” to Him. How great the need is today for “Penance, Prayer and Sacrifice” ! I hope many who read this blog entry will support Mark.

    May we all be inspired to seek the Lord more fervently and lovingly to do His Will in union with the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

  2. […] Gregory Wietrzychowski is a man who heard the call to respond to Christ in this apostolate.  My wife Deborah and I had the humbling privilege of meeting him and talking with him this week – as we had a similar privilege some weeks earlier, in meeting and talking with Mark Byerly.  Mark, similarly, heard and responded to this call of the Lord in a strong and definitive way.  You may remember hearing of Mark Byerly, if you read my blog post A Pilgrimage of Penance, Prayer and Sacrifice, and saw the video on that page (the video produced by Michael Voris).  I wrote again on Mark and his ministry on a second post, Update on A Call to Desert Hermitage… Mark Byerly. […]

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