Posted by: Thomas Richard | April 20, 2015

Waiting Vessels…

_DSC0008_09_10_B&Wsmall(Boats and clouds in dialogue - R. Thomas Richard © 2015)

The boats, once sent out to the whole world, rest at their docks.  They are well-tied, needing maintenance, needing workers, needing work, resting.  Overhead spirits hover, moist with fertile water and living breath; the one Spirit ready, waiting also for the hour to come.  There is an hour coming!  It comes quietly but will arrive to awaken all; it will shake the whole earth, open all eyes, fill the world with the sound of justice.  Some men will stop their ears in horror!  Some men will weep in joy, the sweet sound of justice come, the splendor of holy light exploding into every darkness and buried secret sin.

The hour comes and the boats will again set out.  They will lower their nets in generosity, in mercy, in His last call that all might come home.

Workers, fishermen, are you ready?  Are the nets repaired?  Are the lines strong?  Is the boat tight?  Are you ready for the hour?  Holy vessels, formed by God for salvation: are you still taking your ease?  Are we ready, and willing for the great hour of consummation coming, so near, so close?


  1. Dear Thomas,

    Thanks so much for posting your photo and your words, which ring so true! Your words reminded me of a poster a friend sent to me many years ago when I was beginning to hear more and more deeply Jesus’s call, “Follow Me”.

    The poster read: “A harbor is safe, but that’s not what boats are built for!”

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