Posted by: Thomas Richard | August 19, 2016

A Campaign Speech Worth Hearing…

After some dark days of grieving for the state of our country, and even darker days of fearing that “Progressivism” may very well swallow this country whole, in a “Democrat” victory in November, I am encouraged that maybe the catastrophe can actually be averted.  I know that with God, all things are possible, and that He is of great mercy and patience toward us, as foolish and stupid as we so frequently are.

This video I include below is of Donald Trump’s latest campaign speech – Aug 18, 2016, in Charlotte NC – it is worth watching, and listening to, and imagining: is it possible to turn this massive ship around, after all that has been inflicted upon America thus far?  The “progressive” ideology – that the Democrat Party has fallen into – is a dark one, an anti-human one, generating a godless culture of death all the while promising to bring a secular utopia.    I almost was believing that Trump – and a new beginning for America – did not stand a chance!  But I’m seeing some light of possibility at the end of the tunnel.  America is not finished yet.  God has not finished with us yet.

In the video Mr. Trump appeals to the African Americans in America – who have been block-Democrat-voters for decades now, abused and used and taken for granted by that party – that it is time for a change!  The Democrats have brought African Americans changes only for the worse.  The same can be said for many American Catholics!  American Catholics have been largely block-Democrat-voters for a long time also, only to see anti-Christian laws and policies multiply under their administration, to our shame.  Secular ideologues have an agenda, and it is deadly.  We need a change. Please watch the video, and recommend it to others.  America needs a change, a new beginning, a new chance.

Sorry, the Campaign took the video of the speech off-line, after the election…..


  1. Dear Thomas,

    Thanks for posting this speech. It enables some who perhaps did not hear it , on TV, to listen to the sentiments Mr. Trump (it seems to me) has not expressed before in other speeches, or campaign stops. There is such a need for real, and true change, and by God’s Grace, the American people may decide to seek this new way Mr. Trump described.

    May God give to every American the wisdom needed in choosing the direction our country will take this November. Come Holy Spirit, enlighten our minds and cleanse our hearts to know and do Your Truth.

  2. Dear Thomas,

    Amen, brother! We feel Donald Trump can save our country as well. We, Catholics must be proactive to help get Trump to the White House. Actions speak louder than words. Everyone should share your post and Mr. Trumps speech with their friends, family, and neighbors. Especially, if we know someone who is undecided. You might be very surprised how many people don’t really know the facts about Hillary Clinton. A simple conversation may enlighten them. Pray daily for our country. Miracles can happen.
    Thank you for your message that was brief and to the point.
    God is good…..ALWAYS!
    God Bless Our Country!
    Eric & Mary

  3. I don’t know how I missed that speech, but I did. Thank you for posting the whole thing. It was good to hear Trump say he regretted some of the things he has said. Trump has faults, but so do I. God can and does work miracles every day. My trust is in God.

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