Posted by: Thomas Richard | October 17, 2016

How Should A Christian Vote?


I’m simply urging you  to visit and read what is published on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website – a comparison of Platforms of the Republican and Democrat parties.  Thank you, Franklin Graham!  I apologize that we Catholics have not been as helpful to our members, in making plain and simple how obvious it ought to be to vote this election cycle!  The Democrats have a position – read it!  The Republican have a very different stand and direction for our country – read, and compare!  Can there be any doubt or hesitation at all, for a Christian, for a Catholic Christian?  Please, friends – this election is truly a fork in the road: which direction does Christ call us to take?  Read, talk to your friends, and respond – vote, on Nov. 8.



  1. Thanks, Thomas, for posting the LINK to this very important comparison between Platforms to help people vote in this election. From the beginning I’ve been determined to vote Pro-Life. I’ve seen and heard Hillary Clinton’s continual insistence on promoting abortion as “reproductive health”for years! The Democratic Party Platform continues promoting abortion.

    What a distortion and a lie has been received by so many men and women resulting in the deaths of innocent babies in their mother’s wombs, as well as the deaths of mothers in botched abortions. This issue ought to be first in the minds and hearts of all Christians. God is the Author and Giver of Life! How can we call ourselves Christians if we do not follow Christ who gave Himself that we might LIVE eternally! Life is His gift!

    We owe the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association a debt of gratitude for this clear presentation of the Democratic and Republican Party Platforms. All Christians need to learn the Truth and to do the Truth in voting in this election cycle.

  2. Thanks for this Dr. Richard.
    It’s hard to remember that citizens are in fact voting for the platform of issues a political party stands for, not for the candidates themselves. Especially when neither seems to stand for anything one can personally believe in!

  3. Dearest Thomas….thank you for all you do for the body of Christ. I will vote for life too, Deborah. How could anyone vote any different after seeing the face of a child!!

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