Posted by: Thomas Richard | February 11, 2017

Church, Will You Awaken Even Now?

I consider it divine intervention that Donald Trump, and not Hillary Clinton, was elected President last November. I prayed, like never before, for His intervention in that election, and against all “odds” (if you believe in “odds” in human affairs – which I do not), he won. Without the majority of voters voting for him, against opposition within his own party, and in spite of predictions by all the pundits, experts and many TV talking heads, Trump won. I can only believe God could do this.

And I think – believe – that God did this for a reason: to give the Church one more chance, one more opportunity to wake up and be Church! The forces of darkness in America were doing very well with either party in power! The evil one had been bending the culture of America toward the dark side for sometime now, and “successfully.” But God intervened. God held back the slide toward Sodom and Gomorrah, the drunken abandonment in America of reason and human dignity in preference for drugs, lust and lives of fantasy. Although His Church continued to busy herself with lesser things, God stepped in and intervened where she, by neglect, was not standing strong.

My question is, will the Church awaken even now? Though the bullet has been dodged and the train brought to stop inches before the cliff, I do not see her stirring even yet. The cancer has been held in remission, the execution was stayed, the evil plot foiled at the last minute – but I do not see the Church arising yet. Yes we can take a big deep breath that America is not yet irrevocably transformed into the child of the Culture of Death, but the danger is not eliminated. It is one battle surprisingly won, in a long war that is not over. And the evil one by no means is going to surrender!

As this long war has continued to rage, darkness has been advancing in our homes and schools, colleges and businesses, government offices and courthouses.  In the streets and cities and towns across America moral darkness has been unashamedly advancing. And through all this the Church mostly has been quiet, content with compromise, passive to the point of complicity. She has not taught her own, her little ones, the holy truth of real, eternal, victorious life. She has not led them to see and to know the life – here and now – of Christ the Lord. Entrusted with the Bread of Heaven, the Blessed Sacrament, she has not taught her own how to receive such a holy Gift, that they might be made strong, maturing in the power of the Sacrament. She has not led them to the personal encounter with Christ the Lord!  Entrusted with the riches and knowledge of the Kingdom, she has let her children feed themselves junk food, fast and easy food, food of this passing and confused world.

Church, when will you awaken? When will you recognize the enemy attacking your people at every turn, in their homes, in their schools, in their hearts and minds? They need the solid food of Truth! They need the potent power of Grace! They need communion with our Lord in Prayer! They need to hear evil called evil, and sin called sin, and lies called lies, and deceivers exposed as the mortal threats that they are! Enough, please, of frills and lace, of pomp and platitudes, of sweet lullabies while the enemy is gathering at the gates! They are dead-serious, and we are dozing in complacency.

Those who call themselves moral liberals or progressives, promoting their “new way,” are seething with rage in their unexpected defeat in the elections. They have money, they have many supporters, they have the long view. They are sincere, and committed! They lack something essential, something that the Church has, if she will awaken to it, and summon the courage to proclaim it and to live it. But if she will not awaken, here in America they will win.


  1. Dear Thomas,

    Your thoughts echo my own, especially during this 100th Anniversary Year of Mary’s Apparitions at Fatima. How grateful I am for God’s Mercy! He truly has worked a marvel in our election results.

    There is however an indifference among those who once sought the Lord, and it’s been growing. Mary warned us, if we did not stop offending God there would be consequences — two terrible world wars followed. Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, spoke boldly and clearly, but to many deaf ears. Pope Francis, since his election has spoken repeatedly about “worldliness” in the Church; yet I wonder how many are listening.

    As St. Augustine saw and wrote about centuries ago, there is a “City of God” and a “city of man” being built. There are those who love God to the contempt of self and those who love self to the contempt of God. How many are even aware of their choice? How many are aware of which city they are helping to build? The Church has been given the Holy Spirit to bring us into all Truth. Still, fewer are listening to, or speaking the truth boldly enough or with the zeal we need to waken those who sleep.

    Our Lady promised at Fatima that in the end her Immaculate Heart would triumph and I believe God will honor her words; but if the Church in America and in the world does not awaken to do the Truth lovingly, there will be again, the consequences of our own self-will.

  2. Thank you Thomas for your passionate call. As a late arrival to the faith, the past part of my journey is a useful resource of clear warning signs. We can rest safely and let others do the work – but who are they? My experience is to take big strides when I can. Small fearful steps tend to trip me up and let me slide backwards. The Lord’s fearless hand is always there to steady and guide us. How many really want to be witness to renewal. Lot’s do seek a return to the past. In policing policy. I’m English, so I won’t comment on your Presidential Party hopes for the future. I can join you with similar passions for the growth of our Faith. Time is just an hour glass. The sinfulness of our lives is an infection rife with support on all sides. The Church is renewed with every baptism, every confirmation and marriage. The may breakdown, become distracted with every glitter ball of lies, but the power behind ‘us’ is infinitaley greater than the problems ahead.

  3. The Church – She is ever strong and patient. Her children/disciples need to be strong in their faith and resolve during this turbulent time. It is not first
    tumult that our beloved Church has
    faced. She is strong!!

  4. Well put Thomas. There were many Rosaries and Novenas done in our Church for Donald Trump and our prayers were answered. This is good for the faithful as it gives up hope. I am not sure it presently is helping the Church grow. We need to keep prayers and evangelizing going. It would be nice if we could just get the people who call themselves Catholics to strengthen there knowledge of our teachings. Of course our Bishops and Priest need to put more into it. We are blessed in the Phoenix Dioceses to have a wonderful humble Bishop.

    Francis Forcione

  5. Dear Thomas. I too, prayed sincerely and faithfully that Donald Trump would win the election. Then when he won I could not stop thanking God for His hand in the outcome. Now that it’s been a few weeks I can really see the evil in this world. It seems to be much more obvious to me. The lies, the hate, the immorality, the Godlessness is rampant. Thank you for this blog entry. I pray for the Church to open her eyes. Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. Immaculate Heart of Jesus, forgive us.

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