Posted by: Thomas Richard | October 24, 2013

Three Temptations to Spiritual Immaturity

The link I will write below leads to a new article I just published on the Catholic website, Catholic Exchange.  In the article, I try to connect the “three temptations” that Pope Francis recently warned the Bishops of Latin America about, to many of the spiritual weaknesses we can painfully see in the contemporary Church in America.  Please feel invited to read the article, and if you’d like, make a comment on the Exchange.  And/or here.

Here is the link to the article:

Three Temptations to Spiritual Immaturity.


  1. Dear Thomas,

    Thanks for writing this article, and for sharing these three temptations which Pope Francis has warned us about, and of which so many of God’s People are unaware. We need to pray fervently for our Pope and all Clergy, Religious and Laity — all of us as His Church– to seek Christ in order to grow in Him. We live in a darkening world that needs the Church to shine.

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