Posted by: Deborah | November 7, 2013

Grow in Christ, Marriage and Prayer

Thomas has written another article in “Catholic Exchange” which can be a blessing to all.

In this article Thomas explores the beauty of God’s design for growth in our relationship with Him (prayer) and relationships with others, most especially in our marriages.  One need not be married to appreciate the article for it contains insights all of us can rejoice in as the Church is the Bride of Christ.   I hope you will read it, at the link below, and comment either here on this blog or at  the Catholic Exchange website site:

Grow in Christ, Marriage, & Prayer

Gratefully and prayerfully,



  1. Dear Thomas,

    How very important for us to grow in our relationship with God and in all our relationships, especially as spouses! This blog entry is a perfect follow-up to the last article on “Temptations to Spiritual Immaturity”. May God bless all of us as we ponder the great beauty of God’s Love. What Mystery: He shares Himself with us and He enables us to share His Love with others!

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